Studio 1 provides spacious recording areas (200 sq metres), consisting of the main live room plus a very large drum booth/isolation area that can contain up to a twelve-piece horn or wind section, as well as a large vocal and guitar booth and two further guitar amp/speaker isolation areas. The control room's centrepiece is the customised and immaculate SSL 4056 E/G Series console, supported by a 32/56 I/O Pro tools 12 HD system, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9.5 and Reason 8 complemented with outboard by BAE/Neve 1073s, Millennia, API, Great River, Manley, Emperical Labs, Teletronix, Universal Audio, dbx, Thermionic Culture, Avalon, Lexicon, Eventide and many more! Check out the Studio 1 floorpan HEREComprehensive and flexible connectivity is complemented by a seven way HearBack individual monitoring system. The spacious control room has two seating areas for musicians and guests and, unusually, both the live room and the control room feature large picture windows giving natural light over looking palm trees, tropical gardens and the pool. A Yamaha C3 Grand Piano is always available, as are a wide selection of guitars, basses and keyboards, including a Yamaha Custom Studio kit and amps from Marshall, Vox, Fender, Ampeg, Peavey, Hughes & Kettner and Blackstar. Bangkok also has a really helpful and well resourced back line equipment supplier in JSS who work closely with our artists needs.




Studio 2 provides the ultimate 'Swiss-army-knife' set-up for the modern songwriter/producer/in-the-box mix engineer: literally ‘in THE BOX’ since the studio is equipped with a truly amazing sounding brand new API ‘The Box’ analogue console. Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, it runs Pro Tools 12 HD Native, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9.5 and Reason 8 running via a UA Apollo Quad with D-Box monitoring and summing. A comprehensive sample library and the latest 64bit plugins are available. Great monitoring is provided by Focal, Yamaha HS8s & NS10s, B&W 805 Nautilus and Aurotones. Outboard includes gear from AMS Neve, API, SSL, Universal Audio, Teletronix, GML, SPL, Radial, dbx, Empirical Labs Inc. and more. The control room amply accommodates three or four people, while the live room suits all vocal and overdub recordings including live drums!


Studio 3 is Karma's very vibey "Writing Suite”. Equipped with a UA Apollo Interface and monitoring courtesy of ATC (SCM50s), Yamaha AND KRK, making this a very special, inspiring room in which to both write and track. Directly next door to the bar and pool table (which, in itself is a highly sought after live space and has played host to innumerable vocals, gang vocals and super cool guitar tones), the entire Studio 3 environment is "the perfect place" to really get creative. 


For less than the price of renting a bedroom and a small dry hire studio space in London, enjoy life at the tropical paradise that is Karma, in this beautiful en-suite, double bedroom/writing suite. Featuring a contemporary Thai décor with a light & airy feel, this room is equipped with a UAD Apollo 8 Interface, KRK monitoring and access to Karma's backline of instruments & more. Not to mention, being mere footsteps away from the swimming pool at all times (and three minutes away from the beach for when you need some further inspiration!). This is the ULTIMATE Bedroom Studio...