Multi Grammy-nominated, multi award-winning producer and music industry guru, Chris has worked with many of the world’s most iconic superstars and operated at the very forefront of the music industry for over thirty years. He’s been responsible for developing the careers of literally hundred of artists and for selling tens of millions of records - see for further details.


(Studio Manager) - Psychically intuitive to both the day to day and the 'extraordinary' needs and requirements of musicians, songwriters and producers alike, Sai is "the rock" of logistics and organisation here at Karma and makes our clients’ lives smooth from the moment of booking online, to ensuring your easy pick up at the airport and enjoying a wonderful time during your stay here at Karma.  See more


Led by Shane Edwards (who has personally carved a niche in the online mixing market and been responsible for creating amazing mixes for artists and bands from all over the world), the entire Karma Mix Team have had the pleasure of mixing everything from Metal to New Age, Classical to Pop, and Asian Pop to Hollywood Soundtracks.  Shane has now tipped well in excess of a billion streams of tracks featuring his mixes in just the last eighteen months! Email us for availability, prices and details of how exactly to send us your files.   See more


 (Engineer/Producer/Writer/Programmer) - A truly gifted, multi-talented audio engineering graduate from the UK, Rhys is the perfect multitalented Engineer/Producer/Programmer/Writer.  See more


Another graduate in Sound Engineering from the UK, Henry is the ultimate Assistant Engineer, taking care of everyone’s tech needs as well as engineering and mixing sessions for clients from all over the world, including Maja Salvador, Slot Machine & Tor Saksit just to name a few  See more


(Video Production and Editing) - Hailing from the USA, Jake is overseeing all the requirements for our clients in the video and content-creation spaces. See more