Karma Kids Music Camp II

Karma Kids Music Camp II

The 2nd Karma Kids Music Camp took place between 17th - 19th May 2013. The Karma Kids are: Angela, Captain, Chantelle, Dew, Fleur, Fun, Issa, Jade, Jennifer, Kaylaa, Krissy, Nicky, Rachel, Tara, and Victoria The Team are: Chris Cra... »»»

Kipper's thoughts on Karma...

"Karma studios are the real deal. When I was growing up fantasising about becoming a "ROCK STAR", Karma was the studio in the dreams. Exotic, away from reality, all the gear you could want in a land full of gorgeous women!!! I've been lucky enough to work i... »»»

Jamiroquai at Karma...!

jamiroquai at karma sound studios with brad spence and charlie russell producing engineering rock dust light star in thailand

JK came to Karma last year to work on "Rock Dust Light Star". He had a great time here and so did producers Brad Spence and Charlie Russell. We hope to see them back here soon... »»»

Bullet For My Valentine @ Karma...

bullet for my valentine record in thailand at karma sound studios residential recording studio in paradise with producer dan weller engineer ginge

Check out this studio diary video from the Bullet boys, shot during tracking for Album no. 4.... »»»

BodySlam at Karma...

thai rock band bodyslam record at karma sound studios in bang saray with producer aof poonsak

We are very pleased to welcome Thai stadium rockers BodySlam, back from their most recent world tour and straight into the studio... »»»

Big Ass at Karma...

thai rock band big ass record at residential recording studio in bang saray thailand with producer aof poonsak

Veteran Thai rockers Big Ass have just finished a two week stint at Karma writing and recording an EP with new singer Jeng Konalo.... »»»

Enter Shikari @ Karma...

enter shikari record at karma sound studios in thailand with producer dan weller

UK band Enter Shikari came to Karma in 2010 to record "A Flash Flood of Colour" and recorded this studio diary for your viewing pleasure....Check it out: »»»

Karma Joins Miloco...

Karma Sound Studios Miloco Marketplace UK engineers producers record in paradise

Miloco Studio Management are specialists in providing the very best studio facilities and expertise to clients around the world. Miloco are now representing Karma in the UK as part of their global directory of 'amazing studios in amazing places'.... »»»

Film Soundtrack for "One Nation - The Sorrows of War"

sahamongkolfilm soundtrack thai film movie recording mixing sound design composition henrik algren richard harvey

Soundtrack mixing at Karma for Thai film giants 'Sahamongkolfilm International'. "The Sorrows of War" is an original composition, and the product of a collaboration between one of Karma's affiliates Richard Harvey and our very own Henrik Algren... »»»