Studio 2

Studio 2 at karma affordable high-end programming vocal production and editing suite packed with vintage and modern gear and a great microphone selection

Studio 2 at Karma provides the ultimate 'Swiss-army-knife' set-up for the modern songwriter/producer. Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, it runs Pro Tools 10 & 11 HD Native, Logic Pro X and Reason 5 running on a UA Apollo Quad with D-Box monitoring and summing. Both studios have access to a comprehensive sample library and the latest 64bit plugins. Mastering grade ATC monitoring is an unusual but welcome provision, along with Yamaha HS8s & NS10s, B&W 805 Nautilus and Aurotones. Outboard provided by AMS Neve, API, SSL, Universal Audio, Teletronix, GML, SPL, Radial, dbx, Empirical Labs Inc. and more, mean very few studios can compete for the price.

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We are currently taking offers for hire of Studio 2. If you are interested and would like to discuss your requirements or arrange a visit, please contact the studio manager.