About Karma Sound Studios

Karma Sound Studios is a ‘creative utopia’, hidden away near a beach in Thailand. It’s the manifestation of a dream, and the brain-child of seasoned music industry executive Chris Craker, who, after working for over two decades in the front line at the very top of the international music industry, became so disenfranchised with ‘the way the music business was heading’ that he elected to completely side-step it and build a ‘spiritual home’ for artists and bands to create their very best work away from the real world, while he and other sharp-minded entrepreneurs re-thought how to put ‘business’ back into the music industry.

Karma’s extraordinary location and design are matched by the almost psychic intuition and very special character of the people who run it – knowing what an artist needs before they articulate it, is part of the magic. At Karma, artists are free from the distractions of real life and they’re also free from the constraints of time. It’s been described as “the studio that never sleeps”.

The Studios have developed an iconic reputation for delivering a truly unique experience for all the artists and bands that have had the good fortune to work there. Yes, there have been multiple number one hit selling records made there in the last few years, but, more importantly, Karma has given birth to extraordinary creativity, which was the dream from the start. It has fulfilled its promise and delivered the perfect environment and the perfect studio conditions for artists to truly express themselves.

The current business model at Karma has been to rent the studio to clients for six months of the year while the other six months have been made available to close friends and acquaintances of its founder, with a view to developing talent – a rare commodity in the current music industry! This has taken the form of ‘development deals’ with artists, co-management/project deals with artists and bands, right through to Camps, Master Classes, Courses and Workshops, some of which have been private and some televised on True Vision national TV.

Recent visitors to the studios have included Placebo, Jamiroquai, Enter Shikari, Bullet For My Valentine, guitar legend Jimmy Page, pop icon Jessie J and Young Guns, while the very cream of the Asian music industry have also recorded at Karma including Body Slam, Big Ass, Tata Young, Palmy, Chin Chinawut and Myra (Winner of Thailand's Got Talent 2011) and Slot Machine alongside Number One Korean selling icon Cho Yong Pil (who outsold Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ with his single recorded at Karma). Bands from all over the world have also flown in to do their very best work including acts from Australia, Russia, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and many form the UK. The studios have also played host to some of the world’s most eminent producers and engineers including Sting’s Producer ‘Kipper’, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Producer/Mix Engineers Tony Maserati and Chris Tabron, legendary engineer Phill Brown (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Talk Talk etc.) and multi million selling song writer/producer Sacha Skarbek (“You’re Beautiful” and “Wrecking Ball”).

Situated just 4 minutes walk from the beach in Bang Saray, Karma Sound Studios is a cross between a luxury resort and a state of the art recording studio complex. There are two studios, both with outstanding sounding live rooms set around a beautiful swimming pool, private gym, bar, massage room, an outdoor live performance area and stunning tropical private gardens. The idea is not new… George Martin created Air Montserrat, in the Caribbean, back in the 70s, providing the inspiration for Karma Sound in Thailand. But Karma Sound is different, combining the exotic nature of Thailand’s cultural heritage and relaxed hospitality in a truly breathtaking location. From the minute you arrive you’ll be transported into the perfect environment to stimulate creativity and be looked after by our highly trained staff.

The equipment is a fusion of classic analogue and state-of-the-art digital: Studio 1 has a large, spacious, live room with four isolation areas and a massive window overlooking the pool and tropical gardens, giving an extraordinary sense of natural light. It is equipped with a very highly spec’d Pro Tools rig running on a Mac Pro 8 core Intel computer (with full UAD2 Quad system attached). The spacious control room boasts a fully refurbished ‘classic’ SSL 4056 E/G+ desk with Total Recall. Studio 2 is a smaller writing, tracking, mixing/mastering and overdub suite with a comfortable control room and a fabulous sounding live room for vocals, guitars etc. Both studios have access to a comprehensive microphone collection and an excellent selection of vintage and modern outboard gear. A very useful selection of instruments and outboard gear are available at extremely reasonable rates.

Stylish en-suite guest rooms, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and two beautifully appointed lounges will guarantee you a pleasurable stay. Our bi-lingual Studio Manageress (Khun Lek) will oversee your well-being at the studio and our staff will provide amazing food and warm hospitality. If required, further luxury accommodation is available just two minutes drive away in one of the most stunning boutique resort hotels set on a private beach.

Karma Sound Studios residential recording thailand paradise affordable

Karma sound residential recording studios thailand affordable accommodation bangkok studios

Karma Residential recording studios thailand affordable accommodation

Karma Sound is the perfect place to work and be inspired – it’s the perfect place to write and record music, shoot videos, make TV programmes and documentaries, and the perfect place to stage private concerts. Our highly experienced staff includes award-winning producers and engineers involved at the very highest level in the music business internationally, led by Chris Craker, who, in addition to providing the facilities at this amazing studio is always open to assisting with brokering licensing deals, marketing campaigns, the staging and promotion of live concerts and tours in SE Asia (including Deep Purple, Fat Boy Slim, Noel Gallagher, Young Guns, Franko, Heroes for Hire, Anthrax, DJ Shadow and Incubus).